20, Illinois, 💏


Is summer still a thing ? Does warm weather still exist? Will it ever come back?

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i am so jealous of all the people who are comfortable with who they are physically and mentally

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when ur reading a book in class and u turn the page before everyone else and then u jsut sit watching all those dumb ass nerds turn their pages a whole second after u haha i am king

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*sees a pic of a skinny person* *inspired for 11 seconds*

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if you’re reading this i’m beautiful

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"Las mujeres nunca saben lo que quieren. Los hombres nunca saben lo que tienen"
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bread is so fucking good man I could prob eat an entire bakery in 25 minutes or less 

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being cremated is my last hope of getting a hot, smoking body

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I wonder if anyone ever looks at me while I’m doing something and thinks I’m pretty. Because I do that all the time to people. 

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